A Neoclassical Curmudgeon Looks at Heterodox Criticisms of Microeconomics

Donald W. Katzner


The purpose of this paper is to open a dialogue with heterodox economists about what, from a neoclassical perspective, is valid in heterodox criticisms of neoclassical microeconomics. Many heterodox criticisms of neoclassical microeconomics are valid to a neoclassicist; but some are not. Examples of both are given, mostly taken from E. Fullbrook’s anthology, A Guide to What’s Wrong with Economics, (London: Anthem, 2004). And neoclassical reasons for a lack of validity where that arises are provided. Both criticisms and the judgment of their validity can be subjective or objective.

Published on 9th February, 2015, in World Social and Economic Review No 4, 2015